Grant Lira | March 18, 2024 - 01:03 PM

Monthly, you'll be featured on 3 podcasts + 15 professionally edited short-form social media videos from these podcasts, and have 3 online publication features - completely DFY.

We’ve helped 43 clients do just that to build their thought leadership in their specific industry which has helped them:

- Generate more appointments
- Close at a higher % (Because they built authority before the meeting even started)
- Charge higher amounts because people view their company as a premium option

Interested? We are raising our service by 22 % on April 15th, but if we chat before then, you’ll be locked in at the current amount. We can chat here:


PS - I will not see your response so if you have a question, book a time to chat (:

N6565 Shorewood Hills Rd. Lake Mills WI, 53551
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Melanie Hawthorn | March 18, 2024 - 07:48 AM

Are you okay running your business without much funds? This could slow down growth and delay returns on your business.

Now you have the Opportunity to Fund your Busineses and Projects without stress and without the burden of repayment as our interest in first for the growth of your business and projects, and for your to arrive at your desired business goals and dreams.

Take advantage of our Funding opportunity and get funded on your business and Projects within days and have an ample number of years/Loan Term Period which gives you time to grow and achieve your business goals.

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Jessica Nowakowski | March 16, 2024 - 06:19 PM


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How to Get More Traffic Without Creating Fresh Content for Your Website.

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Theresa Smith | March 14, 2024 - 02:21 PM


Do you sometimes find yourself in a tug of war between work and fitness? We have the perfect solution for you - Elebands!

Elebands offers ultra-thin, fashionable all day wearable body weight bands that seamlessly integrate into your daily routine. Burn up to 1,500 calories a day by simply wearing our bands on your wrist, ankle, and waist while you go about your normal day.

The best part is we have full body weight sets ranging from 3lbs – 30lbs to ensure optimal results no matter what your fitness goals are.

Plus! We have bands for sports, casual, and formal occasions that you can wear with any outfit, ensuring you stay stylish while achieving your fitness goals.

With Elebands, you no longer have to choose between work and exercise. Our body weight bands enable you to lose weight and get fit regardless of your location or activity. Enjoy these instant benefits:

1. Burn Calories: Effortlessly burn up to 1,500 calories daily, toning your body as you go about your day.

2. Natural Weight Loss: Say goodbye to intense workouts and stressful diets. Elebands helps you lose weight naturally.

3. Build Strength: Develop lean muscles and enhance your strength as you carry out your regular activities.

Imagine achieving your dream body without stepping foot in a gym or following a strict diet plan. With Elebands, it's possible.

Many of our clients are losing 2-3 pounds per week while experiencing significant health improvements. To help you get started for the NEW YEAR, use coupon code SAVE-20%-TODAY for a 20% discount.

Visit our website now at and embrace the Elebands experience.

Let Elebands be your partner in achieving a fit and healthy lifestyle. Start your transformation today!

Warm regards,

Theresa Smith
Brand Ambassador
Elebands USA

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Roxanna Beem | March 13, 2024 - 07:07 AM

Did you hear about the SETC (sick leave and family leave tax credit) program that the IRS is closing after April 15th, 2024?
This is the same CARE program as the stimulus check that was mailed to your house during COVID.
You can receive up to $511 per person per day (up to $32,220) that you couldn’t work during the pandemic.

Don’t miss your COVID tax credit:
Call Kerry at 480-790-9186
Email Kerry at
Or watch the explanation here:

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